Four Qualities of a Good Leader

Leaders face many pressures! 

There are four qualities a leader needs to possess in order to function at our best for optimum effectiveness.  We may not always have all four functioning at their maximum but it certainly is something to strive for!

1. A Cool Head

Leaders are called to handle challenging situations. Hotheads make bad decisions and hurt people. To keep a cool head under pressure makes you the kind of leader that people like to follow.

2 Tim 4:5 But you, keep your head in all situations…

Only a cool head under pressure can:

a. Think clearly

b. Respond calmly

c. See with perspective

As leaders it’s important we carry a heart for people. 

2. A Warm Heart

As leaders it’s important we carry a heart for people. Life in general and for leaders specifically, is all about the heart. 

If our motivation and inclination is towards people and we have a desire for what is best for them, our leadership will be effective, which means we will ultimately always have a great outcome.  

Cold, disconnected hearts alienate people

Let's not get these first two qualities mixed up so that instead of a cool head and a warm heart we find ourselves in a pressured situation with a hot head and a cool heart!  This never works out well for us as leaders.  

3. A Strong Spirit

A strong spirit will carry both faith and trust at the same time.  Faith to take you forward and trust to let go when necessary.

When change is necessary, faith is required. But when change is taking place, you need trust. 

A strong-spirited leader could be described (amongst other qualities) as being:

a. robust

b. resilient

c. responsible

d. reliable

e. resolute

Ephesians 3:16 I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being…

A strong spirited leader possesses an inner being infused with strength from God.  It is this quality that enables a leader to withstand the pressures responsibility brings.

4. Healthy Body

Attention given to our physical being results in more energy, greater sense of wellbeing and increased capacity to cope under pressure.  I have discovered first hand the benefits to my leadership that regular exercise, a healthy diet, sufficient water intake and proper rest bring.  

Conversely, unless we are not purposeful with these aspects of our life our health could fail us.  We need to be fit for life in spirit, soul and body. Nobody can predict what will happen to our health but our responsibility is to treat our body like it deserves, doing everything we can to ensure that we are healthy and strong.

When we work on our physical fitness and health we maximize our life for God, being the best we can be. 

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