Ten Qualities of a Stand Out Team Player

At some point most of us will need to build a team and much has been written about team dynamics and the keys to team interaction. The aim of this article is not about dynamics but about the team members themselves. What do we look for when choosing a team member?  What qualities would be most helpful among those who make up the crew working with us, the ones who will take on key leadership roles in our team?  Here are a few thoughts on that:

1. Those who learn, grow and assimilate quickly

Look for leaders who pick things up quickly. They are smart but not necessarily academic. They understand and see the principles easily, and they don’t have to be instructed excessively or repeatedly

2. Those who stand out, not necessarily through charisma, but in excellence and wisdom

A charismatic personality is easily seen, but in this case is not necessarily the sort that you are looking for. Look for someone with an excellent spirit. You’ll see that in the way they carry themselves and how they deal with situations. Also look for wisdom that can be seen even at a young age. These qualities need to be evident in a high tier leader

3. Those who are fruit bearers

Take note when someone produces, a person who can create growth in any area they apply themselves to.  It is this quality of leadership that knows what needs to be done and how to make something succeed that you are looking for.

4. The committed and hard working

There are no shortcuts to success.  You need to find people who are willing to put in the hours and who show commitment.  At a high tier leadership level there will be a work and commitment load that will need to have been demonstrated early on.

5. Those who go through trial and don’t run but overcome

It’s one thing to function well and another thing to keep functioning well under pressure.  Look for those who don’t emotionally or physically bail out on you under trial.  When you, or God, or circumstances lean on that person, you need to know they won’t crumble easily.

6. Those who fight for you

You want to know for sure that someone is not just hard working and not just committed, but that they’re on your side and willing to fight for you. They need to know how to stand with you while under fire from outside or within.

7. Those who resolve, not cause conflict

You definitely want a person who solves problems rather than creates them.  This person is good at conflict resolution and “deflames” rather than inflames people and situations.

8. Those who exercise personal and spiritual disciplines

Look for people putting in the miles in the area of personal disciplines.   Those who pray, study and apply good personal disciplines with money, time and relationships.  Any person who has discovered personal discipline can also rule with authority.

9. Those who naturally carry influence and authority

Observe those who carry natural influence and authority without position or role.  Usually these people have something that people respect and want to follow.  Obviously their exercise of natural authority must avoid employing things like control and manipulation, which are extremely undesirable qualities in a leader.

10. Those who want responsibility rather than title, authority or power

Look for those who want to take on responsibility rather than position.  These are people who want to get in and work but who also like the feeling of responsibility and are able to handle it well.  You don’t want people who love the feeling of authority but not responsibility; that can be a dangerous combination.

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